About WBA

About WBA:
West Bottombrick Apparatus is a company specializing in creating custom LEGO vehicles. We build trucks of all shapes and sizes, designed for fire/rescue, police, public works, and everything in between. So why choose WBA? We offer reasonable low prices on all our designs, and will work to fill orders to your exact specifications. We review all of our designs with prospective buyers to ensure that we can fulfill as much of their requests as possible, providing customers with quality models that are playable and accurate.  Based in the United Kingdom, we offer courteous and professional service to buyers located all over the world.

What makes WBA unique?
We believe that LEGO models should not only be aesthetically accurate, but also functional and playable. Many of our designs are constructed in modules that can be swapped around. Have two firetrucks that you're getting bored of? Swap the cabs around, or remove the pump from one! It's like having multiple trucks for the price of one. Find out more about our MBS at Our Products Page.

WBA Quality
At WBA we understand the importance of using genuine LEGO parts. We make every effort to include only quality new or lightly used pieces - we only sell what we ourselves would be happy to receive.

Contacting WBA
Inquiries, purchases, complaints, comments? Fill out our Contact Form, or drop us an e-mail at west.bottombrick.apparatus@gmail.com, and we'll get back to you soon.
We aim to respond to all inquiries as quickly as possible but may be a bit slower on weekends.
Also feel free to stop by at our Facebook Page.

WBA is an independently run business and is not affiliated with the LEGO Group or any real-world fire, police, or other vehicle manufacturer. LEGO and LEGO Digital Designer are registered trademarks and products of the LEGO Group. WBA is strictly a model and replica-building business specializing in LEGO vehicles and should not be confused otherwise. No infringement of any sort is intended