WBA Notice of Closure


Unfortunately, in recent days we have had some major issues pop up that, for the forseeable future, will prevent us from taking or completing any more orders.  As such I regret to announce that WBA is currently closed indefinitely.

I apologise to all of our customers who were in the process of sorting out orders with us; we have attempted to contact you all and make it up to you as best we could, but please let us know if we missed you.  I also thank all of our customers who have placed orders with us in the past, your support has been wonderful.

For those seeking an alternative to WBA, consider heading over to EmergencyBricks Forums - there are many talented builders there such as Paulo R. and Tom of St. Lego Fire who I believe do take custom orders.

Once again I offer my most sincere apologies to those who were in the process of placing orders.